REOME concentrated daily serum Active Recovery Both summer campaign

Clinically proven to improve

skin barrier by 43% in 4 weeks

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“I use a serum, currently REOME Active Recovery Broth, which is fantastic. I don't see myself stopping using it when this bottle runs out - it's amazing at smoothing, nourishing and evening things out: you wake up looking better than when you went to bed.”

— The Sunday Times, Style, 2023


REOME exists at the intersection of skin science and grounding practice; restoring skin equilibrium—and a flow state for self. A brand with a singular intention: to heal skin impaired by extended periods of chronic stress, REOME formulas are powered by advanced biotech and bio-fermented actives to restore its innate health and luminosity.

In an age of existential stress, the gesture of applying skincare has become one of heightened value. A sensorial pleasure that engages the senses, it’s a panacea to our hyper-digitised world.

Brand Story

Founded by Joanna Ellner, an award-winning beauty editor and acupuncturist, REOME's mission is two-fold: to invigorate stress-compromised skin with highly-specialised, potent formulas, and to redefine skincare as as a tool for self-connection.

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Joanna Ellner – Founder, REOME