REOME exists at the intersection of skin science and grounding practice; restoring skin equilibrium—and a flow state for self. A brand with a singular intention: to heal skin impaired by extended periods of chronic stress, REOME formulas are powered by advanced biotech and bio-fermented actives to restore its innate health and luminosity.

REOME is a revolution in skincare efficacy: our formulas can imbue visible, tangible, fast results without disrupting the skin barrier, all through the power of biotechnology. And, we're just getting started.

Brand Story

Founded by Joanna Ellner, an award-winning beauty editor and acupuncturist, REOME's mission is two-fold: to invigorate stress-compromised skin with highly-specialised, potent formulas, and to redefine skincare as a tool for self-connection. Each REOME formula is launched as a solo hero; slow-made, iterated, perfected and responsibly developed over time, to better meet the needs of our ever more conscious skincare community and ensure optimal efficacy.

It is our founding belief that to justify the existence of skincare in a saturated world, it must be superlative in every way. It must tangibly revive and invigorate skin, and restore equilibrium. “REOME is a coalescence of everything I know about skincare, paired with my love for self-cultivating rituals. I created it to meet our evolving needs in a hyper-digitised world. I've tried thousands of formulas over the years – nothing has kept my skin as healthy and glowing as this.” — Joanna Ellner, Founder

Eco Friendly Skincare Products

Joanna Ellner – Founder, REOME

Eco Friendly Skincare

Equilibrium-balancing formulas powered by bio-tech and earthly actives to restore skin health

Glass Skin

Sensorial textures and mood-altering scent to bring the mind to a flow state