Truly sustainable formulas are contigent on a discerning approach to extract selection. We take time to assess the ingredient landscape, using biotech solutions where possible, or, opting for thriving natural extracts from fertile, abundant soils. Operating with a discernment for nature; formulas are crafted with our “tread lightly” approach, leveraging the latest, sustainably-driven technologies to harvest and cultivate living ingredients.


At the cornerstone of REOME is our commitment to integrity; to telling the truth, to communicating our stengths, plans — and limitations.

By fractionating the most active parts of the plant, we generate more potency, less waste

Extracts are sourced using sustainable technologies from traceable lands


With a deep reverence for the earth’s resources, REOME formulas are blended using advanced biotech and bio-mimicry processes, alongside traceable, viable natural extracts, to protect over-harvested lands.

We are in perpetual pursuit of new, innovative methods through which to produce potent, skin-transforming formulas without disturbing delicate eco-systems. A groundbreaking proprietary technology, Zeta Fraction™ is one of the emergent systems used in our ingredient sourcing. A solvent-free and sustainable process, it captures the essence of fresh living plants within their own habitat, by targeting selected intracellular components. All parts of the plant are utilized or returned to nature.


Active ingredients are bio-fermented for a probiotic effect to enhance bioavailability and improve barrier function.

Bio-tech and bio-mimicry-infused formulas to protect over-consumed botanicals


Bio-tech and bio-mimicry crafted ingredients are cultivated in the lab to protect over-consumed botanicals.

Bio-chelate CF5, a ratio-specific blend of five minerals provides skin with essential micronutrients needed for skin protein synthesis.

Environmental and social values, by REOME

We operate with a deep reverence for the earth's resources

Environmental and social values, by REOME

At the cornerstone of REOME is our commitment to integrity


REOME’s primary packaging is comprised almost entirely of glass; a material that can be re-purposed and re-used and is 100% endlessly recyclable. Glass remains the most reusable, recycled and recylable substance in the world.

Our secondary packaging is made with a pioneering paper inspired by the environment, made in part from recycled coffee cups in the UK. We are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council [FSC], and our formulas are blended and manufactured in the UK. Every new material is scrutinised for its environmental-conscious credentials.


The Organisation for the Economic Co-Operation and Development Report, 2022, found that only 9% of plastic waste is ultimately recycled

Sustainable Skincare Products


our commitment to sustainability

Social Responsibility


Pending B Corp®

As a guiding force for our sustainability journey, we have selected the B Corp model, a globally-revered business certification based on a robust social impact, public transparency, and sustainability framework.

By joining the B Corp global community, we are embodying our mission for REOME to be a force for good in the world; part of a global movement towards creating an inclusive, equitable, regenerative economic system for people — and planet.




The notion of “self-care” is one not accessible to all. To engage in acts of self care, we must first have access to a safe space. This belief forms the founding theory of the REOME IMPACT MODEL. We have pledged 10% of our profits to charities that provide safe spaces to women and children.




All REOME formulas are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. The belief that skincare products don't need to use animal fats or their by-products to be effective, is a core principle of REOME. We are proudly PETA-certified.



Forest Stewardship Council

Our cartons are made using recycled coffee cups. We are proudly FSC-certified.The Forest Stewardship Council is an international non-profit established in 1993 that promotes responsible management of the world's forests via timber certification.